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i’m going to do a mourning post about why we should all be sad about ‘30 Rock’ ending this year and it will mostly be about jenna and liz. 

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30 Rock!

This season of 30 Rock, in my opinion, is one of the best it’s ever had. I’ve consistently laughed, and the stories - while it IS 30 Rock and the plot really only serves as a platform for jokes - have been interesting and created new life for these characters that have at least gotten exhausting at one point or another. I loved them creating a holiday for Leap Day that was one part Christmas, two parts Liar, Liar, and a dash of Indecent Proposals. Jack visiting his past and learning to spend more time with Liddy, Tracy trying to spend $50,000 at Benihana (where the finest bottle of wine is $12), Liz considering sleeping with Thad (which, since she’s Liz, we all know she’s going to be single within the next few episodes - I love you James Marsden - and I’m glad that isn’t why they broke up), Jenna’s yawn/vagina flash, Jim Carrey and Andie McDowell, and of course, Leap Day Williams (which, i always forget about Leap Day being a big deal, I love that they created a holiday).

Score: 85%

Parks and Recreation

Of COURSE Jerry’s birthday would be on leap day. Let’s get this out of the way: Tom and Ann. No, it doesn’t make sense they would be dating, but really, it does. His usual d-bag charm worked on girls like Lucy. When we first met Ann, she was taking care of Andy. Then she was boring with Mark (i think it was more him though). Then she got needy and jealous with Chris. I think what is good about the Tom and Ann sitch is that they both are polar opposites. And they both have principles about who they would normally date. And they are meeting in the middle which could, lets face it, add some much-needed depth to both of their characters. April getting drunk was borderline pandering (in my opinion because i am a tumblr user) to the internet community just ripe for .gifs, which if it was? brilliant marketing plan. Of course the best part of the show was Ron and Leslie’s back and forth of her focusing on her campaign. And we got more Ron Swanson wisdom that I think we might have all needed to here. I think Chris’ character on the show has so many good parts, but more often his arcs fizzle out. He’s a very serious character on a very ridiculous show and that often clashes. Very often. I can see the writer’s are trying to go somewhere with his creepy loneliness, and I’ll just trust them with that. Any problems I had with Chris’ character, this episode made up for it with PLENTY of amazing Donna faces. 

Score: 87%

The Office!

Yes. The Office has been on too long, and it has affected my interest in the show. But Catherine Tate was a brilliant move because she’s the perfect person to play a total buffoon without it seeming implausible. The janitor from Community is apparently dating Val and got jealous of Darryl, which gave Kelly some hilarious lines in the episode. Kathy (is that her name?) tried flirting with Jim. It took him an annoyingly long time to say something without being obviously passive-aggressive. This plot was the worst I’ve seen from the writers. This show’s original interest started partly based on the Jim and Pam romance, so we as viewers know they would never do anything to break that up. Todd Packer was brilliant, Gabe wasn’t as creepy, and the Ryan/Erin flirtation was funny and I’m glad it ended. 

I still miss Michael Scott. 

Score: 79%

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This is a segment where I review the TV shows I watch quickly, and sufficiently, and give them a rating based on their performances. 

I’ve been dealing with a terrible cold all week, so I have been sleeping and avoiding drinking and smoking, until last night when I made a pizza, loaded up my vaporizer, and watched TV alone at the house and laughed hysterically. It was a good night for television and a great night for me (!!!). Let’s begin!


30 Rock

Shows like 30 Rock and The Office I give a little more leniency to because of their age and because of loyalty to great television. However, maybe its my love for Batman, or maybe its because I’m a person who believes in rules and principles and live my life accordingly, but I think last night’s episode was one of the funniest I’ve ever seen (remember, I was high and ate pizza). Jenna and Paul “creating” a “new” “fetish” called “normaling” (which I will be doing with my boyfriend as well this weekend) was really good, Kenneth and Tracy had lowkey roles this week (which can sometimes be good), and Liz went nuts as the Joker trying to finally get her way with New York, Jack went heroic as Batman to try and save him and his rich friends. It was a lot of wonderful.

Score: 93%


Parks and Recreation

This show does so much with physical comedy that I was surprised how little the beautiful and brilliant Amy Poehler had this episode and how much they gave Adam Scott. I love Adam dearly but other than a love interest for Leslie, I didn’t see him having anything else to do in the show than being the straight man. I was wrong. So, so wrong. We’re all a little afraid of police right? They have authority like a teacher does when you’re a child but they also carry weapons, so watching Ben be freaked out the entire episode surrounded by cops, and dealing with his girlfriends ex-boyfriend who was a cop was just… amazing. I liked Andy’s storyline with his song for the campaign, but even more I loved April and Ron trying to hide his secret identity. Tom was hilariously douchebaggy in this episode and let me say something quick about Ann: WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE EASILY DEFINED? We like her as a character because Leslie likes her. She isn’t supposed to be a mirror of Leslie’s personality like all the other characters, she’s her friend, her support system. And people wonder why she’s not that funny? Because she’s not supposed to be. Sure, we have expectations of Rashida Jones because she’s beautiful and famous, but her character shouldn’t have to have a few specific quirks to define her. She’s this show’s Ginny Weasley. (Sorry for the rant, its just irritating when people think she is a “problem” on the show. She’s not. The show started because of her and Leslie’s friendship.)

Score: 89%

The Office

I miss Steve Carell. I do. Even though the storylines on the show started getting stale before he left, I really miss seeing Michael Scott being so socially inept and messing things up and barely meeting the requirements for human decency. Because we all know that person (and sometimes we all are that person). That being said, I LOVED seeing Catherine Tate on the show. I still do not understand why they chose Robert California over her character to lead the company because I don’t think I’ve ever laughed once with him on the show, just rolled my eyes (although I do think he does a great job, I just can’t get on board with his character). I thought Jim’s prank at the beginning of the episode was one of his best. I initially liked Andy’s passion for being a receptionist, but that plot sort of just fizzled out. I think Rainn Wilson needs an Emmy nom for his work of having appendicitis and using every last ounce of his energy to not get trumped by Todd Packer (who is always a delight to see). I love this show, not because of where it is now, but because of what it once was: the only good comedy on tv. But now with 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, Cougar Town, and Suburgatory (yeah, its a pretty funny show), I sadly don’t see a lot of future left in the show, as much as I might want to. 

Score: 75%

Ed. Note: I ended up eating a whole pizza and got too tired to watch “Up All Night”. [Real Ed. Note: As much as I love Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph I cannot get into this show. I don’t like the chemistry of the main characters, I don’t think the writing is all that funny, but I can’t bring myself to speak against it because, ugh, i just want them to have work and still be on TV as opposed to more “Whitney” and “Outsourced” shows.] 

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